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Airport jobs are one of the most overlooked opportunities, especially within major cities that have more than one. Airport jobs are a conglomeration of positions from private companies that all work together. The typical airport is owned through financing from municipal bonds, issued through the city or agencies, and then rents out the use of the facilities to airline carriers, food and beverage services and airfreight companies. It is estimated that only about 10 percent of airport employment is actually through the airport. This is important to keep in mind while searching for an airport job.

In addition to flight attendant and ticket counter jobs, airport screeners are one of the main points of contact on a journey. Airport screener jobs, or transportation security officer positions, are secured through the federal government, and have been on the rise since the September 11 terrorism attacks. These are the agents that screen the checked baggage, as well as the passengers and carry on baggage, before the passenger is allowed on the plane.

This is where the ramp agent jobs come in to play. The ramp agent gets the luggage or cargo safely on or off a flight after it has been screened. The ramp agent will meet the luggage after the screening point and take it by vehicle to the planeside. The agent then puts the luggage or cargo on a conveyor belt and packs the plane. Once the flight has arrived to it’s destination, the ramp agent meets the plane and packs the luggage onto a vehicle once again, before it is pushed through to the baggage claim doors and retrieved by customers.

Most freight agent jobs support the flow of freight to and from the airline. The agent generally arranges for the freight to be delivered in the most efficient way, and tracks the shipment from the departure to arrival. Although there is quite a bit of physical labor involved with this position, the freight agents also keep specific records of the freight in the event it is missing or damaged.

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