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Construction work implies many different types of jobs, including everything from electrician jobs to carpenter jobs to plumber jobs. Although the work scope can be very broad, the commonality is steady craftsmanship and the ability to work with your hands. Construction work can take place in new buildings, existing facilities, industrial facilities, plants and more. Due to the extreme variety of occupations and job locales, construction jobs are fairly easy to come by, provided the job seeker has a specialized trade or a high aptitude for learning.

Construction careers are easier to come by through an apprenticeship or specialized trade school, as well as years of on-the-job experience. For example, welder jobs require keen eye-hand coordination to handle soldering and flame-cutting equipment, while heavy equipment jobs require the strength and ability to work with heavy objects swiftly in small spaces. Conversely, drywall jobs are best learned on the job by developing a sense of balance and steady hand, and HVAC jobs require a technical mind to follow blueprints from concept to completion.

A large portion of jobs in construction exist outside, so depending on the location of the project, much of the work is seasonal. If the job exists on roadways, bridges, railways or other transportation avenues that are in use, the work may be limited to nights and weekends when traffic is the lightest. Most construction workers are paid hourly and are eligible for overtime pay as well.

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