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Telemarketing jobs are generally sales positions that try to sell goods by phone or Web conferencing, rather than in person. Jobs in telemarketing are similar to telephone salespersons in a cold calling environment - rather than calling repeat or notably interested customers, telemarketers reach out to callers put on a list that was either bought or researched. The telemarketers can be business-to-business or business to customer, and work on behalf of a specific company, or more likely, for a telemarketing service.

Telemarketing work can be found as an entry-level professional and there are little to no college requirements. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the typical telemarketing job is on the decline, most likely due to advances in phone and computer technologies, as well as an increased amount of scams and frauds performed over the phone to take money from unsuspecting customers.

Some charitable organizations and political headquarters still use telemarketing as their primary form of fundraising. Surveys and public opinion polls are also often conducted through telemarketers. However, an increased usage of “robocalling,” an automated message used to telemarket, has been used—especially with the most recent presidential campaign.

More and more of the live telemarketing services have been outsourced to countries overseas, as it is cheaper labor and more flexible time for the companies that are doing the selling. The telemarketing positions that are still available in the U.S. are generally positioned within call centers specifically for telemarketing.

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